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Buddhist teaching and mentoring

             According to tradition in Asian countries, the teachings of the Buddha, including instruction in meditation, are offered freely without a price tag attached to them. This is because these teachings are considered to be priceless. Dharma teachings and practices have the potential to increase happiness and contentment and to decrease anger, fear, stress, and dissatisfaction. At their deepest level, they are considered to open profound paths of insight into the nature of reality, the self, and the mysteries of life and death. Those receiving the gift of a teacher’s personal guidance, or upon being moved by a teacher’s written or spoken teachings, traditionally wish to help sustain the teacher through the practice of generous giving, or Dana. A more contemporary way of understanding this relationship would be to say that Mushim offers Buddhist teachings on a gift economics basis.
            Gift economics is a worldwide movement that is characterized by awareness of resources as well as sustainability, and shifting from transactional relationships (a seller offers a product; the buyer purchases it for the lowest price possible) to transformational relationships in which the expansive qualities of generosity and genuine caring that surround an exchange between two or more people help everyone to thrive.

Secular mindfulness coaching and mentoring

            In person or by Skype or phone. Generally speaking, I work with people I know. However, people whom I’ve mentored include those who have sought me out because they’ve read my writing or I’ve been recommended to them by a friend. Sliding scale available.