THANK you so much again for a great series of classes in the basic Buddhist principles. As we left last Wednesday night some were in tears that this was the last class in the last of the series. You will, of course, see some of us again soon.

As always, you raised the bar on our understanding and participation, and I find each class and each series unique and full of special challenges.
— Rev. ML Thomas, May 2017
Dearest Teacher Mushim, I cannot find the words to properly express my deep gratitude for your presence, wisdom and generosity during our UndocuHealing Visioning Retreat in Oakland last weekend. The community activists at the retreat were deeply grateful for your teachings and the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation as an additional healing resource. Our vision and work toward holistic and transformative healing for the undocumented immigrant community in the U.S. was only enriched by your contribution, Teacher Mushim. You are someone who I deeply admire and it meant the world to me to have you present as one of our invited volunteer presenters. Our retreat was the opening prayer for this work, and we are now excited to see how the universe will respond to what we manifested together! Many blessings!
— José Arreola
Having known Mushim for years and having co-taught several daylong retreats with her, I whole-heartedly recommend her as a teacher. She is a wonderful storyteller and has a great sense of humor. Importantly, in the tradition of Manjushri, she knows that compassion and insight can be a flaming sword as well as a flower. Whether in the dhamma hall or in the streets working for social justice, she is a person of integrity who can be trusted in the nuanced process of awakening.
— Kenji Liu, writer/poet, artist, and cultural worker.
I was accepted into the UCLA Training in Mindfulness Facilitation program! I want to thank you again for everything, especially your knowledge, wisdom and experience. Your teachings are timeless and were/are instrumental in my growth. I’m excited, as I move forward exploring what the practice of mindfulness can teach me as a facilitator. Gracias, Mushim!
— -James (Javier) Long, Paramedic
I finally was able to write up a short post about my experience practicing Buddhism with cancer. I have always been an incredible fan of your writing, so it would be an honor to hear your thoughts. My hope is that this feedback will help me better understand my own writing and help me both write better and more often. Your work in helping create a community of solidarity has given me the strength to finally write out some very difficult thoughts from my hospital bed—and I am so deeply grateful for it.
— arunlikhati, Occasional Buddhist blogger at the Dharma Folk and Angry Asian Buddhist blogs. December 2016
Mushim, I am deeply grateful for your Leadership and Support! You have modeled and demonstrated some of the finer aspects of Spiritual Leadership (IMO). You are also partly responsible for nurturing, forming and reassuring my intention to aspire to Dharma Leadership! I am glad to be in Community with You and feel that I will grow and ascend only because of the work you invested in my Foundation!”
— Thomas Davis
Mushim is absolutely amazing. Her words and teachings are so simple yet profound. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her and her presence at the People of Color retreat at Vallecitos Mountain Refuge makes me want to come back over and over again.
— Imi
Mushim Ikeda is an outstanding Dharma mentor. She combines the perfect blend of asking how best to support me while also sharing her insight about what would help me when I don’t see it myself. I appreciate her ability to explain complex topics in a way I can understand. I greatly benefit from her wisdom, kindness, sense of humor, passion for social justice, and nurturing approach.
— Beverly
“Getting Back in Charge” gave me a fabulous array of strategies, our “tool kit,” to deal with depression. The teachers shared their wealth of experience, professionally and personally, and I doubt anyone left the class without more hope.
— Amanda
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic has regularly engaged Mushim as a diversity and inclusion trainer for our volunteer service providers over the past several years. Our new volunteers repeatedly comment that this session is not only a highlight of the two day workshop, but is useful in all aspects of their lives. In fact, two of the attendees at the recent Cultural Humility training for new volunteers were so moved, they spontaneously emailed us their reflections.
— yvonne charles Executive Director Charlotte Maxwell Clinic May 2018
Dearest Mushim – Thank YOU so much for joining our community at the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic. You have brought a sense of peace and strength to our volunteers, staff and clients. Your knowledge and passion for Cultural Humility has helped many of us learn and grow. We are truly grateful for all you have done!
— Kris Waller, Director of Volunteers at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic
I have a friend on staff at the Children’s Hospital Oakland, and one of the things we’ve been discussing is how to teach parents and caregivers in that context some meditation practices that will help them become more responsive, rather than reactive. (I’ll admit, what inspired me to even begin this discussion with that hospital was your story about when you found your father when he had passed on, and how meditation helped you in that time. I began thinking, what if we taught that to parents in that same situation.) That, and my idea of volunteering to help LGBTQI youth is only one of many ideas I have, but none of these ideas would have ever been possible had it not been for the lessons I received at the East Bay Meditation Center from teachers like you.
— Nate Dumas
Mushim’s talks support and uplift everyone who is in attendance. Her peaceful, supportive, and positive energy is so refreshing to be around. Thank you for your work, Mushim!
— Arash