Mushim to be interviewed for the Transforming Loneliness Summit on February 22nd

In this interview with author and buddhist teacher Mushim Patricia Ikeda we learn that responding skillfully to loneliness starts with validating the very real social injustices and structural inequities that produce isolation and disconnection. We didn’t create these systems, and they’re not our fault. She shares ways to shift out of an afflictive state of loneliness and into a direct experience of the interconnection of life.

About The Summit

The media tell us that there is an “epidemic” of loneliness in the modern world. Literally millions of people across the globe suffer from feelings of isolation, disconnection and estrangement.

Even though loneliness is so widespread, many of us are reluctant to admit to others when we feel lonely. Instead we suffer in silence, keeping our loneliness to ourselves.

When we believe that our feelings of loneliness are the result of personal failure, or deficiency, or unlovability, we tend to retreat from others and keep our pain a secret. This, of course, perpetuates our isolation and loneliness.

We know in our hearts that

  • real, meaningful relationships are necessary for us to thrive

  • we have a basic human need to be seen, known, accepted, and celebrated for who we are

  • life is more meaningful when we experience our true connection and belonging

  • we fulfill the purpose of our human life when we are able to give and receive love

And yet, for so many of us, this quality of relationship feels so far removed from our actual experience. Either we lack companionship, or the relationships we do have lack authenticity or meaning.

When we are on the outside looking in and we see others talking and laughing in couples or in groups, we wonder, “What’s wrong with me?” We can feel very alone and hopeless in our loneliness. We can end up blaming and shaming ourselves.

Ultimately, loneliness is full of hope - it means that your heart is awake and sensitive and receiving a vital message. Pay attention to it!

What would be possible if, instead of asking, “What’s wrong with me?” you started asking: “What is loneliness trying to tell me?”

What if you started treating loneliness like a sacred messenger? Want to find out?

If you do, then I hope you’ll join me for an expansive, multi-dimensional interview series about loneliness. It's called TRANSFORMING LONELINESS: Follow Your Heart’s Longing into Connection, Belonging, and Love and it will be available FREE from February 19 - 26, 2019. Register now to get access at

This global online event features 16 innovative healers, teachers, and visionary activists who will offer their wisdom and inspiration on topics including:

  • Loneliness as a Sacred Messenger

  • Creating Connection through Being Brave, Vulnerable, and Different

  • Solitude and Deep Imagination as Antidotes to Loneliness

  • From Single Shame to Owning Your Story

  • Receiving the Gift Inside Loneliness

  • When Loneliness is a Memory

  • Being in Deep Relationship with All Beings

... and so much more!

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This is your opportunity to learn from all 16 of these wise and inspiring speakers who generously share their fresh perspectives and practices in service of truly transforming loneliness.

Not only that, but you’ll be participating in shifting the cultural conversation about loneliness—from one about private, personal failure, to one about systemic disconnection from the sacredness of life.

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