Beginning A Meditation Practice Class at EBMC


A four-class series with Mushim Patricia Ikeda open to all
Four Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm starting January 8, 2020
Part of EBMC’s Core Buddhist Teachings – 6-month Curriculum
Offered on a gift economics basis (by donation, no fixed fees)

Register here:

Are you looking for a way to start a mindfulness meditation practice, but don’t quite know how? These classes will give you the basics of stationary and walking/gentle movement meditation in the vipassana (insight) style, and metta (loving kindness or good will) meditation. Don’t worry about “getting it right” – if you can sit – on a folding chair, on floor cushions, in a wheelchair – or lie down – and breathe, you’re off to a good start! This series is for those seeking stress reduction, or it can be the gateway to those new to Buddhism. Meditation can help you, over time, to develop a sense of increased physical well-being, mental clarity, compassionate connection, and spiritual growth.

EBMC TEACHERS ARE NOT PAID BY THE CENTER. You are invited to offer a voluntary financial gift to them at the class. The East Bay Meditation Center operates using a generosity-based, gift economics model. This means we charge no set registration fees to attend our events and instead rely on the generous giving of our community. All classes at the Center do come with a financial cost. Class participants are offered an opportunity to make a voluntary gift to EBMC during the registration process or at an event itself. Please note that no one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you would like to explore any EBMC volunteer positions, please send an email expressing your interest to

In order to protect the health of community members with environmental illness, please do not wear fragranced products (including natural fragrances) or clothes laundered in fragranced products to EBMC.

East Bay Meditation Center strives to be as accessible as possible. For the safety of our teachers, staff, volunteers and participants, we cannot provide assistance for personal needs such as transferring into and out of chairs, walking, eating, or using the restroom. If you require such assistance, you must bring a personal care assistant with you when you come to any event at EBMC.

About the Teacher:
Mushim (Patricia Y. Ikeda) is a core teacher at EBMC. She is recipient of an honorary doctor of sacred theology degree from Starr King School for the Ministry, and she is the teacher of EBMC’s yearlong PiTA program, training social justice activists in mindfulness. Her Buddhist training has included both monastic and lay experience in North America and Asia since 1982, and she is also an author, mother, and diversity consultant.